How to develop your instagram? Promotion and cheating of subscribers

How to develop your instagram? Promotion and cheating of subscribers

Of course, colorful pictures of breakfast in the new cafe and picturesque scenes from the azure beach are the visiting card of your account. But sometimes high-quality content is not enough to win the hearts of thousands of audiences. If you want to become an Instagram star, these tips are for you! I recommend 50 free instagram likes.

1. Studies have shown that blue images receive 24% more likes than orange or red. Put something blue and see for yourself!

2. Let the fast on Wednesdays become your obligatory ritual. That’s because in the middle of a week of publication they get more attention and likes.

3. More often write the word «comment» in the posts. This encourages your subscribers to share their opinions and be more willing to join the discussion.

4. Lay out a photo where the face is visible. According to studies, such publications are 35% more popular than others.

5. Mark people in the photo. Friends will also see your post.

6. Remember the rule: the more light, the better.

7. If you maintain a business account, create a company hashtag. So users can specify it when purchasing goods. And this will increase your Instagram visibility by several times.

8. Share live photos. Show that there is a living person behind a beautiful picture.

9. Business Reception: Share photos of subscribers where they mention your brand or product. This nice step shows that you value every customer. In exchange, they will definitely share your photos in their feed.

10. Make yourself a brand: use your nickname not only for your profile. Notepad, case or branded sticker on a car will surely attract the attention of potential subscribers.

11. Invite your Facebook friends to follow you. To do this, in the profile settings, select «Find friends on Facebook.»

12. People love stories. Share your experiences and thoughts, so you will gain their trust and make contact. Just remember that fasting should be emotional and vibrant, not snot in sugar.

13. Mark people, even in history, do not be lazy.

14. Do not be shy in your posts to ask to like. As practice has shown, such publications receive 89% more likes.

15. Plan in advance not only time, but also content. Prepare the materials and only then start filling out your feed. For example, write posts a few days in advance, and then gradually publish them. The instagram filling schedule will help you not to depart from the main topics of the blog.

16. Make a post with a motivating or inspirational quote.

17. Synchronize the phone book with your account. Go to settings and select «Contacts» in the «For Subscriptions» section.

18. Be active in profiles with a similar theme. Especially if you have a business profile. Communicate in the comments, ask questions and let influential users know about themselves.

19. Collaborate with other users. Find accounts with the same number of subscribers and invite their owners to arrange a joint action. This will help you and your partners gain an audience and attract the attention of new people.

20. Create a unique hashtag that you can organize a challenge for your subscribers.

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